A newlywed woman disclosed that her husband and she are fighting over the money she received as a wedding present from her father.

She claimed that although her father had given her $35 million, she had kept the gift a secret from her spouse until he discovered it on his own.

She claimed that because they both come from wealthy families and her spouse is from a wealthy family as well, there was no issue with keeping it a secret from him.

Only when he requested to use her bank app because he was having trouble and saw the balance did the husband discover the 35 million.

When she admitted that it was from her father, he confronted her and was stunned to learn that she had so much money but had never come to his aid when he needed it.

The woman claimed that her husband was especially disappointed because, at one point, they had the money to pay the full amount due on a home that was out of their price range but never offered to do so.

She sought guidance on how to resolve the issue she was facing in relation to the secret she kept from her spouse.