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A video showing a Brazilian anesthetist inserting a pencil into the mouth of a pregnant lady during her C-section has been leaked.

Dr. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested on charges of rape after secretly filming himself orally raping a lady at the Hospital da Mulher in So Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro.

Hospital nurses who saw his patients’ inability to hold their newborns after surgery set up a secret camera to find out why, and the camera caught him in the act.

Staff members who witnessed the rape stated the doctor had already performed two identical surgeries that day, and police are investigating whether those two ladies were also assaulted, victims.

The doctor’s custody hearing was placed on Tuesday, July 12.

In Brazil, he is charged with [email protected] and faces a prison sentence of 8 to 15 years.

Below is a video of the attack.

During surgery, the doctor rapes the patient in the mouth.

A Brazilian anesthesiologist was jailed after he was filmed sticking his penis in the mouth of a pregnant woman after her C-section.

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