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Actor Joseph Okechukwu said to women having affairs with “men of God,” “They take your glory, womb, and sanity”

Okechukwu, an actor Joseph had forewarned his friends against sleeping with men of God or they will pay the price.

Joseph made this statement in response to the widely circulated rumors that the contentious Apostle Suleman Johnson had an intimate relationship with a number of Nollywood actresses.

Okechukwu claims that these so-called “men of God” are actually glory seekers who have sold their souls and glory to the devil.

I’m not perfect, but I’ve made a lot of efforts to help people, especially my colleagues, realize that life isn’t all about fame and glamour, the author wrote. Making those who work hard to make a living appear foolish by leading a fake, deceptive life is not wise in my opinion. STOP SELLING THESE BASTARDS YOUR GLORY FOR PEANUTS! THEY ARE GLORY HUNTERS WHO HAVE SOLD THE DEVIL THEIR SOULS AND GLORY. AWAY FROM YOUR GLORY, THEY ARE DONE. THE TERM IS SEX MAGICK! You can find them in politics, religion, business, and other spheres. I HAVE VIDEOS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL @JOSEPH OKECHUKWU THAT DISCUSS THESE SEX MAGICK ACTS. They steal your glory, your womb, and your very being. YOUR GLORIOUSNESS, LONGEVITY, SANITY, AND MORE, AND THE COMPENSATION IS SOME SILLY TOY YOU CALL A G-WAGON OR RANGE ROVER, AND SOME APARTMENT OR HOUSE SOMEWHERE? REALLY??!! Work assiduously and have faith in the Lord, and he will make your paths prosperous. PLEASE, LORD!


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