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Nollywood actor, Okon Lagos has called the statement made by Enugu-based Catholic priest Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka against presidential hopeful Peter Obi “shameful.”

Mbaka told a gathering of his ministry in Enugu State on Wednesday that Peter Obi cannot be Nigeria’s president because he is a stingy guy, according to the DAILY POST.

In response to the Catholic priests’ statements, Okon stated that God, not Mbaka, had the final say in Obi’s election fate in 2023.

“This is really a pity,” he wrote. Anyway, every time I go to a church or a place of worship, I question myself, “Would I be flogged if Jesus Christ came here right now with a whip in his hand?”

“At the same time, he was purging the temple with

“Always pray to God for the discernment to know the difference between a house of prayer and a den of thieves, because they almost always appear the same. Reality is not what it appears to be.

“At the end of the day, Rev Fr. Mbaka is only an ALMIGHTY MAN OF GOD, not an ALMIGHTY GOD OF MAN.” Except if he is the one who created the person, he has no final say in their fate.”

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