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Juwon, the son of the late Christopher Alao-Akala, former governor of Oyo state, and his wife Hadiza welcomed twins, a boy, and a girl, after an eight-year wait.

Juwon and Hadiza, one of wealthy Rasaq Okoya’s daughters, married in 2014 after several failed tries and welcomed their bundles of joy.

In an Instagram post, Hadiza disclosed that they went through 14 IVF cycles and many miscarriages before having their children.

“It’s time for me to tell my story.”

It began in November of 2014.

Innocent, innocent, and optimistic,

I had no idea what was in store for me.

All I have to say is thank you.

Multiple miscarriages after 14 IVFs, including 24 weekers boy/girl twins and 17 weekers identical triplet girls.

Today is the day I celebrate the delivery of my full-term twins.

Take a look at God.

“I have a story that I’ll tell you in detail shortly.”

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