Simi, a Nigerian female singer, says the 2023 election in Nigeria taught her to see people for who they truly are.
She stated that many people surprised her with their choices and feelings about the presidential election results.

Simi stated that she has lost all respect for those who rationalised an election marred by intimidation, violence, and result manipulation.

The JAMB Question crooner said that anyone who defends wicked things in broad daylight is arrogant and proud.

“A lot of people surprised me this election,” she said. Many people have lost respect for them. “It’s my choice,” to be sure; but when people do evil things in broad daylight without fear of repercussions, and you continue to support them, it’s better to do it quietly.

You are not brave, courageous, or strong in the face of adversity. You’re a moron. “I’m also proud.”