A naturally gifted Nigerian recording artist and artist, Bella Alubo has released a new song. The song, “Patience,” is

an upbeat and syrupy Afropop number that explores the theme of secret love. Bella Alubo’s catchy Pidgin English lyrics are delivered over a canorous African beat accompanied by emotional synths and an electric piano. The song’s production was handled by Shwoff and Spykida, and their expertise can be heard in the song’s sound.

Despite the fact that it was only released in 2023, “Patience” is already proving popular among Bella Alubo’s fans. The song follows her 2022 releases, which included collaborations with some of the music industry’s biggest names, including The Notorious B.I.G estate, Ty Dolla $ign, Niniola, and 1da Banton. Bella Alubo’s first single of the year is “Patience,” and it’s clear that she put a lot of thought and effort into creating this masterwork.

In an interview, Bella Alubo stated that “Patience” is an important song for her because it emphasizes the importance of slowly and steadily building love. She believes that love must be nurtured and developed over time, which is reflected in the song’s lyrics. “Patience” is an irresistible addition to any playlist thanks to Bella Alubo’s smooth vocals and infectious melody, and it’s no surprise that the song is gaining traction.

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