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Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, has thanked his fans for making his work a hit, only days after his escorts allegedly shot two people in Lagos State.

According to Naija News, the shooting incident, which is reported to have included several Nigeria Police agents, occurred on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

According to reports, two persons were shot by police bodyguards linked to Grammy-winning artist Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna Boy.

When the wild situation occurred, the musician was claimed to be at the Club with his police bodyguards.

Burna Boy was claimed to have entered the VIP part of the Cubana Club with one of the escorts while four others hung around outside the club, according to a preliminary police report by the Bar Beach Police Division in Lagos State. The musician, who was already with three women, apparently spotted another woman and instantly sent for her from where he was seated.

According to sources, Burna Boy summoned Inspector Ibrahim, the VIP section officer with him, and urged him to invite the woman to join him.

The lady, however, declined the invitation while her husband, who was claimed to be present, slammed Burna Boy, stating that any man making approaches on his wife was rude.

Burna Boy is said to have made new approaches on the woman a few minutes later, causing a disturbance. This enraged her husband and his friends, who had gathered in the club, and the situation quickly escalated.

Burna Boy, who has yet to give a public statement in response to the event, went on to publish photographs from his recent performance at the Primavera Music Festival on his Instagram page on Mondy.

He also expressed gratitude to his fans for contributing to the success of his work.

As at the time of posting this article, the singer had not to comment on the event.

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