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The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Bishop Calistus Onaga has placed a ban on Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry.

This came after Mbaka’s outburst on Labour Party Presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi, according to the DAILY POST.

Obi, whom the priest described as “a stingy man,” would never control Nigeria, according to the priest.

Many Nigerians were outraged by this and urged that he be subjected to proper punishment.

Bishop Onaga has now forbidden them from having anything to do with the Adoration Ministry, in a letter he personally signed and addressed to ‘All the Clery, Religious, and Lay Faithful in the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.’

“In light of the events in the Catholic Adoration Ministry Chaplaincy Enugu, capable of undermining the Catholic faith and teachings, and after several fraternal corrections and admonitions to Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka, the Chaplain of the Ministry, and after having given him pastoral directives and guidelines for the Ministry Chaplaincy, which he persistently violated, and in fulfilment of my pastoral duties as the Chief Shepherd with the Catholic Adoration Ministry Chaplainc

“I made my decision based on a number of factors.”

“All Christian faithful should continue to pray for Fr. Mbaka,” Bishop Onaga said.

According to the DAILY POST, this isn’t the first time Fr. Mbaka has been sanctioned in recent years.

Last year, the Diocesan administration transformed the adoration ministry to chaplaincy after putting his activities on pause for a month. He was subsequently told to stay away from politics.


However, he swiftly asserted that no one could prevent him from speaking.


“Those who believe Mbaka would remain silent are wasting their time,” he declared last year in response to a prohibition on his commenting on political matters.

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