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Chronic Law – Life
Chronic Law – Life

Jamaican performer, Chronic Law has launched a new single titled ‘Life.’

Chronic Law has released a new mixed genre tune called ‘Life.’ The music readies him for his upcoming project work, which will be announced soon.

Even so, the artist has been consistently dropping viral hits since the beginning of the year. This comes after his previous singles, ‘More Money, Live Large, and You.’

By fusing the dynamic pace and intensity of Afrobeats with the percussive and electronic vibes of Electronic Dance Music, the artists produce a sound comparable to a breath of fresh air.

In conclusion, Chronic Law appears to be preparing for something big in terms of its constituency and back-to-back releases.

Finally, Chronic Law’s ‘Life’ is a Caribbean/Dancehall song.

Quotable Lyrics;

New Empire
New Empire
But mi trigger happy
Di past done gone but mi still a watch it
Yea wha drop di tool but tell mi who ago protect mi life fi mi
Mi nah no time fi this so not even smile wid mi
Mi know who wan war

Who start par
Who change jah jah so
And wha mek talk
Man smart
See who a try come near and who gone far
A life enuh all when you see them a smile wid yuh
Don’t drop guard

Bad mind see di light and nuh stop dog
Can’t stop bawl but a life enuh
So you will never see i give up
Mi nah drop guard
Me and fi dem energy nuh match dog
New empire
These entire

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