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CKay – Love Nwantiti/Emiliana (Fine Tuned Version)

Love Nwantiti/Emiliana (Fine Tuned Version) by CKay

CKay – Love Nwantiti/Emiliana (Fine Tuned Version)
CKay – Love Nwantiti/Emiliana (Fine Tuned Version)

Ckay, a well-known vocalist, performs a mash-up of her pop hits “Love Nwantiti” and “Emiliana” for Fine Tuned.

Matt Composure played guitar on the Fine Tuned versions of Ckay’s songs ‘Love Nwantititi’ and Emiliana.

Besides that, both songs are Afrobeat tunes that have received massive mainstream supremacy since their release.

Furthermore, ‘Fine Tuned’ is an Audiomack-hosted live guitar medley concept in which various artists come to perform their (hit) songs live with the backup of a guitar.

Eventually, Ckay is expected to be involved in more projects this year, as a result of his recent successes.

The musician creates a sound that is similar to a breath of fresh air by fusing the rapid tempo and aggression of Musical with the percussion and electronic vibes of Electronic Dance Entertainment.

Therefore, if you listen to music, you’re probably certainly aware of the most recent quirky hits.

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