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CKay – You
CKay – You

Nigerian mellifluous recording artist, CKay has released a new single titled ‘You.’

CKay does not appear to be slowing down or hesitating to release a new anthem with lovely instrumentals and his enticing vocal harmonies.

Following CKay’s dominance, he continued to release pop singles ahead of his upcoming album.

Furthermore, CKay’s ‘You’ is a lovely Instrumental-genre record that includes CKay doing his best and showcasing more of his natural ability.

Christer Kobedi, a record producer, produced ‘You.’

The musician creates a sound that is similar to a breath of fresh air by fusing the rapid tempo and aggression of Musical with the percussion and electronic vibes of Electronic Dance Entertainment.

Therefore, if you listen to music, you’re probably certainly aware of the most recent quirky hits.

Quotable lyrics:

It’s yours
Take it like it’s yours
But we won’t take pictures
Don’t let nobody see us
Cos tonight of all nights
I see your brakelight
You skrr into my life

Let me put it down on you
If you don’t understand let me break it down for you
Baby I’m in love with you
Baby I’m in love with you
Fuck you like I miss you
Fuck you like I need you
Like I’ll never see you again
I want to hear the sound
When I put it down on

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