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Cuppy discusses why she’s still single: “Most guys are after my millionaire dad; they don’t want me” (Video)

Ifeoluwa Florence Otedola, better known by her stage name Cuppy, has explained why she hasn’t yet met a mate.

The millionaire heiress said in a recent podcast that most guys are only drawn to her because of her father, Femi Otedola.

She stated that she hopes someday, she would get to meet a man who loves her for her and would only see her dad as a ‘by product ‘.

In her words:

“Back home, I feel like so many guys don’t want me, they want my dad. If I meet a guy in the UK, and I have met guys in the UK; when I tell them that I am from Nigeria, they ask me what village. And it makes me feel the person is not really Nigerian.

“They just love my dad. I met a guy recently and the next thing he asked me was, ‘so when am I going to meet your dad.’ I was shocked. I want someone to love me a lot and be happy and my dad would be like a by-product”

Watch her speak below:

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