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EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK ESN – Eastern Security Network, is one of our major news headlines now. This is a security system spearheaded and launched on the 12th December 2020, by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, for the protection of lives and prosperities of the people of Eastern Nigeria (the South East and the South-South). Eastern Nigeria is a region that had long been exposed to untold insecurity, heartless exploitation by the Nigerian security agents, and inhuman subjugation by the Fulani expansionist operatives under the protection of the Buhari-led federal government of Nigeria. From all indications, Nnamdi Kanu did not discuss or disclose this project with any government official or with any eastern political stakeholder before he delved into it.


Consequently, considering the selfishness of most eastern big men, their political shortsightedness, their slavish readiness to sacrifice anything to secure political peanuts from the North, their shameless harlotry for power, and their irredeemable gullibility that makes them quickly submit to those who constantly politically rape and dump them, I think it will not take long before they league together to begin to vilify the system, condemn Nnamdi Kanu, hunt down the members of the security network, and to betray the whole region in exchange for some money or some slavish positions that would not be able to give them a say over the affairs of the nation.


The political tradition of the people of Eastern Nigeria includes the game of betrayal and sabotage. (This reached its apogee in the senate leadership of Okadigbo, Anyim, and Nnamani). That is the political cankerworm that has kept the region at a permanent political tutelage, -a political sickness that spontaneously and obsessively follows the people of the east as if they have it in their blood.

In this context, however, our subject is neither the importance of the security network, (because even the most undeveloped brain knows it came at the most appropriate time), nor the correctness of the approach of the founder, because, no matter what we think about it, it has been launched. Our concern is not also about how the federal government may see it because of course, she did not favour Amotekun in the West, but she cannot do anything about it. Hence, our subject is: How are the people of Eastern Nigeria, the very people that needed this security network, and the people for whom it has formed, going to react to it? Granted that the ESN is a one-man initiative, how should the people react to it? (One should also note that the one-man initiative came because the offices of the Eastern Governors could no longer satisfy the security needs of the people through the regular security agents and owing to one thing or the other could not raise an urgently needed security network).

It should also be remembered that what we know as Boko Haram in Nigeria today was an initiative of a single person that needed it for the actualization of his political dreams. The wonderful and commendable thing is that his people in true wisdom, viewed into his goal, noticed that it was to their advantage and for the advancement of their common mission, rallied around him, and they achieved their desired goal. If this ESN, Eastern Security Network had been launched in any other part of the country, the beneficiaries would have certainly rallied around the founder and labor to make the best out of it. However, because it is in the East, the home of betraying Judases, I know her main problem is going to come from home. Some people must volunteer themselves to frustrate it and return the people to more serious bondage.


1. It is clear that these Judases that would want to sabotage this arrangement are not ignorant of the insecurity of the region, they are not unaware that the government of Eastern Nigeria has at present no reasonable plan of protection for the people.

2. It is certain that everybody is very much aware that the federal government’s reaction to the issues of killings, raping, and kidnapping by the Fulani herdsmen in Eastern Nigeria suggests that the killers, rappers, and kidnappers are just carrying out an assignment given them by the federal government.

3. There is no doubt that 80% of the people from the east that will fight against this security network are the very people who were forced by the insecurity situation of the region to engage the service of some security agents to guard them each time they are to come to the east.
4. Everybody is aware that until now, practically, nobody has ever been arrested or interrogated in connection with the killings, rapings and kidnappings carried out in any of the Eastern Nigeria states, yet it is obviously known that they are being perpetrated by the Fulani Herdsmen and for the Fulani race.

The most surprising thing is that every morning, people see Fulani Herdsmen moving with cattle, sometimes with sophisticated weapons, and yet none of them had ever been called to give information as to the whereabouts of the killers, simply because they have convinced the people that Fulanis are a superior people that others must enslave and betray their people for.

5. It is known to everybody that Myati Allah and Fulani Nationality Movement owned up most of the recent massive killings in the country and until now neither the federal government nor any of the state governments had ever questioned them, proscribed them, or demanded the arrest of their leaders, simply because they are of the untouchable race, whereas you the betrayers are of the cheap consumable race.

6. It is clearly known to everybody that the hunger heating Eastern Nigeria now (that has forced a sac of cassava roots to cost N10,000,) plus its attendant psychological damage, is neither a result of any natural disaster, nor is it as a result of laziness or carelessness of the farmers, but because the untouchable herdsmen and their castle have forced the farmers out of their farms with merciless murder, desecrating raping, and beastly destruction of people’s efforts.

7. Beyond every reasonable doubt, people know that most times the Fulani herdsmen do not destroy the people’s farms by accident, but as a deliberate and calculated effort to inflict hunger on the people. Sometimes they lead the cattle into people’s farms and once the farmers react they quickly stab or threaten to kill the farmers. As the grasses dry up the common report becomes that the herdsmen harvest cassava from the farms and feed their cows with the sweat of the farmers.
Mr. Simon Ogbobe reported that the herdsmen broke his yam ban, roasted as much as they wanted to eat, and exposed the ban to the cattle that devoured all that he labored for, for a whole year. This is just one out of thousands of horrible instances.

8. You are on the known, that a few months ago the federal government made an attempt to withdraw the license for the use of firearms from every individual and every institution apart from the police and army. I hope you guess correctly the reason behind the attempt, it is nothing but to make you harmless and more vulnerable for further and more demeaning enslavement. (Thanks to the brave Nigerians that resisted and killed the idea).

9. Certainly you heard them say: “If you see any herder with firearm arrest him,” that is an acknowledgment of the fact that the Fulani herdsmen use firearms illegally, and which may imply that they can possess lethal arms as much as they wanted if only they could hide them well, and until now, you have never heard a demand from the federal government or from any state government for the Fulani Herdsmen to surrender the firearms which they are known to carry about.

10. You know clearly that these weapons at the disposal of these Herdsmen are carefully hidden in your farms and forests and there are not for decoration but in readiness for their sporting attacks on you.

11. It is obvious that everybody who had been following the issues of Fulani-sponsored killings and kidnappings, had noticed that no Fulani person (great or humble, lay or cleric)q speaks strongly against their actions or suggests that they should be held accountable for their unconstitutional actions. They can at most say: “it is not good for people to take the law into their hands”, and that is all. They really know how to protect their interests and how to defend their own people; that is a great credit to them anyway.

12. Internationally, the Fulani herdsmen are declared: “one of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world”, because of its operations and activities, but until now the federal government of Nigeria and every Fulani man pampers her simply because all her activities are geared towards the actualization of the Fulani intended domination of the country. (As the world declared her a terrorist organization, the federal government led by the Fulani gave her one hundred billion Naira). The Fulanis are wise because they know how to protect and preserve what serves their interest.

13. Without doubt you know that the leaders of the North claim that the Fulani Herdsmen are herders from Libya and that the government is helpless about them, and until now no single individual from any part of the country has risen to stop them, and no government, federal or state is making any attempt to stop them. Conversely, the few people who attempted touching the so-called herdsmen from Libya, saw the very federal government, which claims to be helpless about the issue of the Fulani intended, blazingly come after them by all means. Very soon the same government that claims helplessness about the killers will become very strong against the liberation movement that Nnamdi Kanu has inaugurated and will likely buy your gullible service to fight your liberators and the ESN.

They will offer you reasonable money, oil well, and lucrative office but may also kill you after they must have used you to kill your flesh and blood; by then, your patron Ken Sarowiwa will be welcome you!

14. It is known to you that God does not take the sin of betrayal lightly. Following the history of betrayal, Satan betrayed the trust of the creator and he ended up in hell. Cain betrayed his brother who followed him to the field on trust, but he turned a vagabond. Ken Saro-Wiwa betrayed his region during and after the Nigerian civil war but was killed by the very people for whom he betrayed his people. Jim Nwobodo betrayed Alex Ekweme in 1999 during the primary election between him and Obasanjo. He assisted Obasanjo to win Ekweme, but the same government he built destroyed him economically by killing his Savannah Bank and rendered him politically irrelevant, retrenching him after stripping him completely naked economically and politically and leaving him friendless and hopeless. Therefore, be assured that even your own betrayal will receive a similar ‘reward’.

15. It is obvious and in every news media, that in recent times, all Nigerian borders have been opened to all immigrants from every part of Africa. What do you think is the reason behind it if not to actualize what the Fulanies claimed after the Benue massacre, in which they invited all the Fulanis from all over Africa to come to occupy the land ‘given’ to them in 1804 through their father Utman Danfodio. In connection with the invitation, truckloads of Non-English speaking Fulanies have been seen at different locations of this country unloading for settlement.

16. I am sure that you know that the present administration in the country is being condoned simply because it is managed by the untouchable race. Every important office is in the hands of the Fulanis and few other Northern Muslims but no one reacts. The Fulanis commit every kind of crime in this country, and nobody questions, but once an Igbo man asks a question, he will be undermined from the east, condemned by the west, and crucified by the North.


This is a matter of life and death and does not call for much talking but for what to do for the preservation of the endangered people of Eastern Nigeria. The question remains: Would those looked up to as the leaders of the people, ever take up their responsibility? Of course, they would not! Conversely, soon many failed leaders will begin to theologize and moralize, whether it is theologically correct and morally justifiable for Nnamdi Kanu to set up a security system without the approval of the head of state. To such people I say, “as we are waiting for the theological and moral answers, please respond to the following simple and existential questions:

1. Is it morally right for the Fulanis to take their cattle into your people’s farms?

2. Is it right for the herdsmen to fight and kill the farmers in their own farm lands?

3. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to rape your women on their farms?

4. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to harvest and consume your people’s farm products without the consent and permission of the farmers?

5. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to feed their cows with your people’s farm products?

6. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to force your people out of their farms?

7. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to build siege against the land and render some areas impassible?

8. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to turn our forests into dens of robbers and kidnappers?

9. Is it right for the Fulani Herdsmen to create a famine for the people by the denial of access to the farms?

10. Is it right for the Fulanis to kill anybody that opposes them?

11. Do the Fulanis have the right to kidnap your people in their own land and demand ransom for their release?

12. Is it right for the Fulanis to be lawless, by still practicing open grazing already declared illegal since the nineteenth sixties in Nigeria?


May everybody be aware that every effort to obstruct and frustrate this liberation provision holds a lot for him or her. If you succeed in your effort against the movement, let it be clear to you that by such you must have inflicted a major injury on your own very people and must have endangered the progress, wellbeing, and very existence of your people. This means that colossally you are inflicting a mortal injury on the Igbo race and entire Eastern Nigeria. On the other way round, if your attempt do not succeed in stopping the liberation movement, then you have at a micro-level damaged your future, business, and your own very existence.
Please be sure of your choice. Nobody penalizes the wise man who noticed that he has no good thing to say and remained silent, but the foolish man who insists on saying something and eventually uttered a damaging statement must account for it.

Anybody that does not believe in diversity of inclinations, world views, and approaches to goals, does not really believe in the Holy Spirit who differentiates us by the peculiarity of gifts he gives us.
Nnamdi Kanu is who he is by the grace of God and is doing what he is doing by Divine Providence. Maybe, you would have done better and in a different way, if you were given the grace to do what he is doing. Sorry, he has done it this way and his intentions, as expressed, is worthy of your support (If really you have nationality consciousness). This is not a matter of secession but the protection of the people, which the federal government would not provide and the state government could not provide over the years despite the empty promises and the crocodile tears shed over the killings and the kidnappings.


Please, before you pick up your stone to throw at Nnamdi Kanu, or pick up your pen to petition the entire system or to conclude your plan to betray the system in exchange for some money or as a platform to present yourself for one rejected office or the other, please answer these questions:

1. Is there really insecurity in Eastern Nigeria?
2. Has the federal government been doing its best over the insecurity issues?
3. Has the state governments really shown commitment to the security of the people?
4. Has hunger really struck the east as a result of the menace of insecurity?
5. Is there any other obvious solution to the issue of insecurity in Eastern Nigeria now?
6. Would you really want us to live as free people or as the slaves of the Fulani tribe in Nigeria?
7. If Nnamdi Kanu were a Fulani, how would they react to this kind of movement he initiated?
8. Do you have an alternative personal and workable solution to the problem of insecurity in the East?
9. Is your own movement really meant to enhance the freedom of the people or are you being propelled by your selfish interest or being pushed by your ego?
10. How many kidnapping, killing, and raping have you heard of in the entire east after the setting up of the ESN?
11. Will heaven really justify you for staging an attack on the one who has come to defend your own people who had been under the enslavement of the Fulanis in their own land for many years without any real hope for freedom?


1. Will you agree with anybody that tells you this unquestionable truth about yourself when he says: “you are a comfortable slave of neocolonialism”? You are going to deny it, but what are you, when out of your slavish allegiance to a people that do neither consider you human nor worthy of equal treatment, nor a system that has no provision for your wellbeing, and you are already making plans to frustrate the efforts of those that stand out to stop your enslavement?

2. Will you agree with the person who says: “you are a selfish enemy of your own people”? That is exactly what you are when you do not put the common interest of your people before your own interests and ego. Certainly among the progressive people all over the world, once an issue of the common interest of the people is raised, everybody suspends personal needs, business, and even political affinity until the goal is achieved. No wonder the Fulanies succeeded in their mission to enslave the Igbos along with and upon all their intelligence and money.

3. It will be difficult for you to accept this fact: “The Fulanis are politically smarter than the Igbos”. Certainly with wisdom Fulanies, do not amplify the mistakes of their men or overblow the weakness of their leaders, but manage everything within themselves to keep moving forward for their common goal (though which always is evil and antisocial). They do not allow anything to distract them from their common mission. On individual basis they usually sacrificed their personal interests and ago for the sake of their common goal, (look at the 2019 election fraud, that was just contained that way, simply because it was Fulani versus Fulani. When will the Igbo man learn to think home).

4. Accept this fact or reject it: “The Fulanis are men of discipline”. Certainly, from the time of the so-called independence, you have never seen or heard the Fulanies undermine one another or fight among themselves because they believe they are one and an important race. On the other way round, the Igbos are the untrustworthy serpent in the house that never deserved to know their secrets, hence they always keep the Igbos at an arms-length, and use them as instruments of political maneuver. The Igbos in their political gullibility, fight their flesh and blood before their very predators unlike the Fulanis, who never accept to fight one another. In the course of the in-house fight, the Igbos expose all their secrets to the enemies who use the information against them at an opportune time.

5. You may not want to admit this but it is a fact: “Most Igbo men could be bought”. You do not need the service of a psychologist or a prophet to know that Igbo is a buyable people. The way their politicians disgraced themselves during Obasanjo’s regime by the impeachment of Okadigbo, Anyim and the enthronement of Nnamani, is enough evidence of their purchasability. The entire thing was an exhibition of unreliability that portrays them as a purchasable race. You cannot trap a Fulani, but once money is offered or office is promised, consider a typical Igbo man trapped.

6. It may be difficult for you to believe, but it is true: “The Igbos lack the spirit of first thing first”. If your slavish servitude had not completely ruined your thinking, you should know that at least from 1966 the common need of the people of Eastern Nigeria has always been freedom, just as the intention of Britain has been to cage the Igbo, while that of the Fulani has been to dominate and subjugate every other tribe as they did to the Hausas. However, instead of pursuing this most important need (because as soon as the Igbo man gets freedom, he will certainly excel because he is divinely endowed with what it takes to excel in every valuable field), his preoccupation has always been: MY BUSINESS, MY FAMILY, MY TITLE, MY RELIGION, MY OFFICE, MY CONNECTION, etc, a mentality that has consistently kept their collective conditions continuously on the downslope since 1960. Very unfortunate!


There is something the rest of the Nigerians have to learn from the Fulani race. The thing is nothing but nationality consciousness; that is true zeal for the good of one’s race — true brotherhood in practice. No wonder why a typical Fulani man does not have the patience to ask why you are quarreling with his brother or who was right or wrong before he joins in the fight stabs, or kills the opponent. That is most likely the secret for their unlimited success in the subjugation of people.

One may erroneously say: “It is because they are sheepish in mentality and do not think”. Congratulations Mr thinker! But the very people you say do not think have hijacked every important position in this country and are gradually taking your land, and are about to stop your religion and completely destroy your identity. If your thinking does not lead you to justify, enhancing and promoting your God-given instinct of self-preservation, it means you are thinking foolishly, and soon, the very head you claim you use for thinking will finally be chopped off, because that is what is imminent. After that, Mr thinker will be thinking from across the “Rubicon!.”


Every race that must survive and progress in this country henceforth must emulate the nationality spirit of the Fulanis. That means placing the interest of the race before anything else and being determined to defend the race at all costs.

On an individual basis, to assess whether one has the nationality spirit, one should answer the following questions:

1. Do I really have the consciousness that I belong to a race before I became a Nigerian?
2. How do I demonstrate my nationality consciousness?
3. Do I have a real interest in the affairs of my race?
4. How proudly do I identify with the issues pertaining to my race?
5. What do I sacrifice for the good of my race?
6. Am I ready to pay a price for my people’s freedom?
7. Could anything stop me from fighting for the interest of my race?
8. Can my personal interest make me give up the struggle for my people’s freedom and well-being?
9. Can I be bribed with money or office to turn against my people or to stop fighting for their just treatment and equality with others?
10. Could a threat to my life, my wealth or office make me give up the struggle for my people’s wellbeing?
11. Do I intend to exploit any opportunity in the freedom struggle for my personal gain?
12. Am I ready to sacrifice my wealth in my effort to save and serve my race?
13. Can I give up my office for the sake of my race?
14. Can I turn down every offer meant to make me give up my fight for the good of my race?
15. Can my relationship with any government, institution, or individual make me surrender in the struggle for my people’s freedom?
16. Can I betray my race even at the point of death?
17. Am I ready to die for my race?
18. Am I encouraging others to join and to be resolute in the fight for the good of my race?
19. What is the impact of my words and actions on the common mission of my race?
20. Considering my personal contribution, should my race consider me a hero or a villain?


I know that having talked about nationality spirit above, some “thinkers” will interpret it as racism. That would be wrong! This is because racism does not wear a defensive cloak. Instead, racism is practically offensive and intolerant in nature and is averted to the very existence and the wellbeing of others. Our insistence is that having been created and established by God, the Igbo race has the right of existence and equally the right to own a home. However, the above rights cannot survive without an accompanying duty to defend and protect them.
My very submission is: live and let live, “Egbe bere ugo bere”, and “nke onye diri ya”. My idea gives everybody the right of existence and the freedom for the possession of one’s own property, but not the privilege to preponderate over the weak. I am just towing the course of the Israeli Prime Minister, Nathanyahu, who insists that: if Israel should drop arms, there will be no Israel but if the Arabs should drop arms there should be no war. Addressing the issue of the security of his nation, Benjamin Nathanyahu said:
“I can guarantee you this, the days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over!….We’ll attack anyone who tries to harm our citizens”.
So, all that you are required to do in the prevailing situation in Nigeria is to love, defend, protect and preserve your race, through nationality spirit and principles. That means you are required to guard yourself and your race against the aggression of the racists and expansionists whose daily wish is to subjugate and extinguish other people who may even be more ancient than themselves, if not, you will be somebody from no people (and somebody from no people is nobody).


Somebody may also ask: “Is your emphasis on true nationalism in the primary level constitutionally correct?” The answer is: “You are free to keep invoking the dead constitution, while the diligent keep actualizing their dreams”. The constitution is just like a business contract, which lives and binds in so far as each party observes his or her own part. Once one party breaks and is allowed to keep breaking the terms in the pact, the other party is automatically freed from the bond. The constitution has been killed by the very people that should preserve it and as a result, it has lost its power to bind. It is the sole duty of the president of the country to observe the constitution but president Buhari is the first to rubbish the constitution of Nigeria. He removed the chief justice unconstitutionally and installed his tribe’s man, he relegated to the background the federal character in the national appointment as recommended by the constitution and he killed protesters that were protected by the constitutional provision, he shot at them even they were obviously wrapped in Nigerian flag. He integrated terrorists with active genocidal records into his government in the forms of Miyati Allah, Fulani Herdsmen, etc. He condones all the evils done against Nigerians, hence, his empty promises to bring the perpetrators of the evils to book. Looking at the above instances and so much more, the president himself has killed the constitution, and anybody that is making reference to the Nigerian constitution is just invoking a dead constitution and is doing so at his or her own risk.


The lazy and disillusioned politicians would ask if it is constitutionally right for an individual or group of people to inaugurate a security system in the country without the approval of the head of state! Please, before we go into that your big question can you please attempt these minor ones:

1. Is it not the duty of the government to provide adequate security for the people?

2. Has the government really provided enough security for the people of Eastern Nigeria?

3. Each time the people of this area were killed, the government had always promised to bring the killers to book; had any killer been brought to book?

4. Do the Fulanis have the constitutional rights to kill at will?

5. Do the Fulani Herdsmen have the right to make use of automatic firearms?

6. Does the federal government have the right to play down and overlook the crimes of the Fulani Herdsmen?

7. Does the federal government have the right to approve for known criminals and killers a grant of a hundred billion Naira?

8. Has the present regime the right to make the entire national security a Fulani affair?

9. Do the federal government has the constitutional rights to kill peaceful protesters?

10. Is it constitutional right that the police and army would never respond to the calls of the people under Fulani attack, but as soon as they are through with their operation, they will surface to keep the people from retaliating and sometimes to complete what the Fulani Herdsmen could not do?


Wake up, man! The earlier you realize that Nigeria is operating without any constitution the better for you. Hence, for us to stop hoping against hope, we should get ourselves ready to give to ourselves what we need. You will certainly learn to take sufficient care of yourself when you come to terms with the fact that whatever right you are not able to create for yourself as an Igbo man in this country, no constitution will give it to you. I hold firm this view because, you know of certainty that since 2016 you have cried enough, you have appealed enough and you have petitioned enough for your rights in your own father’s land, but instead of getting better, your situation is constantly getting worse and more Hydra-headed. The truth is that your further reliance on the present government assistance will inevitably land you to the worst. The obvious truth is that this administration had long killed the constitution and rubbish folded the federal character, enthroned high-level nepotism, aided and abated terrorism, and reduced everything to the service of Fulani interest. It is now therefore a laughable stupidity for anybody to invoke the dead constitution for assistance under any circumstance, in this nepotism wrecked country!.


In the nutshell, I recommend that every race should learn how to guard themselves against the predator race, by this I mean that they should employ all that it takes to ensure that the safety of their citizens is guaranteed and the security of their property assured.

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