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According to the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Northerners will exercise greater caution when casting their ballots in the upcoming election.

Ango Abdullahi, the chairman of the NEF, declared that the north would not support any candidate whose deeds or inactions would exacerbate the region’s fault line.

This was said by Abdullahi on Thursday in Kaduna at a book launch.

According to Abdullahi, the region will support leaders who will govern with moral rectitude, skill, compassion, and awe of God rather than those who wish to profit from measures that take advantage of the region’s ethnic and religious diversity.

He said: “We will not support a candidate that fails to convince that he will radically improve the quality of governance and the integrity of leaders.

“Secondly, northerners will not be intimidated into making choices that do not improve the chances of real changes in their current circumstances.

“We will participate in all political and electoral activities as equals, and concerning other Nigerians who respect us.

In the north, we view efforts to sow discord and disputes over religion as hostile actions. In the north, religious disputes have cost us dearly; further action is not necessary.

“We have scars from the two times we overwhelmingly supported this person for office.

Although they will be cast by voters who are now wiser and more discriminating, northern votes will still have a significant influence on the elections of 2023.

“Neither as Christians nor Muslims, we can look to them for answers. In the north, we are seeing some of the crudest and least effective campaigns to drive a wedge between Christians and Muslims as well as between the Hausa and Fulani people.

We caution that these despicable attempts won’t succeed because there is no precedent for them in recent or ancient history.

The history, geography, and common experiences of living in Nigeria have given us roots and ties that cannot be broken by frantic political gambits, despite our differences in faith and ethnicity.

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