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Eno Barony – Okay
Eno Barony – Okay

Ghanaian musician, Eno Barony has come with a debut single titled “Okay.”

Eno Barony’s incredible talent is highlighted in the new single ‘Okay.‘ In her latest song, the singer mixed her rap skills with wonderful instrumentals.

‘Okay’ is a join to her last single, ‘The Finish Line,’ which featured Amerado.

Hypelyrix, a serial hitmaker, also contributes to the vocal powerhouse’s production.

The record is superb music with a catchy riff that should become one of your collection’s favorites. Purchase and listen to “Wewe.” as a music enthusiast to get a flavor of the song.

The performers create a sound that is a breath of fresh air by combining the dynamic tempo and intensity of hip hop music with the percussive and electronic vibes of Electronic Dance Music.

In addition, this is an excellent smash hit that you should not overlook for any reason.

Other than just that, if you like music, you almost surely have the latest weird smash track.

Listen and share your thought below:


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