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These five actions are indicative of a woman’s true love for you.

1. Discloses secrets to you
If she trusts you with such sensitive information, it suggests she intends to keep you in her life for a long time.

2. You are being flirted with by a hardcore.
She has a serious crush on you if she goes out of her way to be touchy freely. She isn’t fooling around.

She could also be horny.

3. Give up on your desires
If she likes you, she’ll let you get away with far more than you deserve.

Things that other men [and even her own pals] would never do, she’ll let you do if it’s you.

This is not a reason to deliberately mistreat women.

However, if you have yet to perfect your act and a lady consistently lets you off the hook, you can bet she truly likes you.

4. Pays close attention to your needs
Women who are in love are givers. It’s one way to tell if she’s in love with you. She’ll want to bestow something on you, whether it’s her attention, presents, care, food, or devotion.

It’s just one of the countless signs that she adores you. But don’t forget that she might just be friendly to everyone.

The percentage of things she provides to other people and the one she gives you is a good way to tell if you’re special. If she’s doing more of these things for you than for others, you’ve found a woman who genuinely cares about you.

5. She gives you a lot of smiles.
A lady who is in love with a man may laugh or smile a lot around him.

It’s because she appreciates the time she spends with him. The joy on her face is yet another of the best indicators for a man to determine whether or not a woman is really in love with him.

You may, on the other hand, just be a clown who knows how to make people laugh.


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