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FKA Twigs – Jealousy ft. Rema
FKA Twigs – Jealousy ft. Rema

English vocalist, recording artist, and dancer, FKA Twigs has released a brand-new song titled ‘Jealousy.’
The new track is from her upcoming mixtape CAPRISONGS. Rema, a Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, appears on the track.

In an interview with Apple Music 1 that aired today, FKA twigs called “Jealousy” “the soul of [CAPRISONGS]” and explained how she met Rema.

“It was actually quite amusing because Rema was notoriously difficult to contact. Irene, one of my closest friends, is Nigerian. We had established a connection with Rema’s team, but it was difficult to maintain that flow of conversation. I was talking to Irene one day when I said, ‘This is super random, but I don’t want to sound weird because I know you’re Nigerian, but you don’t know Rema, do you?’ ‘Yeah, yeah, no, I know him,’ she said. … ‘You couldn’t tell him to put some extra harmonies on the track,’ I thought. Could you do it?’ It was actually through one of my oldest friends that we were able to connect and finish the track.

Therefore, if you listen to music, you’re probably certainly aware of the most recent quirky hits.

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