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In the middle of the ‘one million boys’ outrage, music star Portable Omolalomi obtains the support of NURTW chairman Musiliu Akinsanya, also known as MC Oluomo.

Portable claimed in a now-deleted viral video that he was the founding father of the cult group ‘one million boys,’ prompting threats.

A video that went viral showed the moment MC Oluomo ordered Lagosians not to block Portable’s entry to any region of the state.

MC Oluomo claimed to be the governor of Lagos state by naming some of the state’s municipalities, including Agege, Oshodi, Lekki, and Iyana Ipaja.

Portable, who was present at the video session, expressed his gratitude to the NURTW boss for the freedom of mobility.

Nigerians who reacted to this incident predicted that the musician will soon transgress because it is in his nature.

Portable recently got into trouble with the police after claiming to be the founder of the infamous Ajah boys and one million boys in Lagos state.

Nigerians reacted angrily to the ‘Zazuu’ crooner, calling him out for his harsh behavior and uncontrolled tongue, which would land him in jail.

While attempting to retrace his tracks, Portable refuted his earlier assertion, which was captured on tape, that he created the famed one million boys.

He wrote: This has come to an end, and I feel compelled to speak up… Please, everyone, understand that I did not intend to campaign for the APC; it was a show they told me about before I found myself in the APC headquarters, and as a man, I had no choice but to do the job because it entailed money. And by 1 million males, I meant 1 million followers. People are threatening my life; everyone should look into it.



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