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Fresh Nigerian Army recruit ‘quits’ moments after finding out he’ll be posted to Maiduguri

A young man who had allegedly just joined the Nigerian Army “resigned” when told he would be transported to Maiduguri, Borno State.

During what appeared to be a “cruise,” the new soldier threw off his uniform and said he no longer wanted to be a soldier.

He claimed to be from Calabar, Cross River, but his superior officers asked that he be sent to Maiduguri so that he could defend his nation.

The individual reiterated his opinion that he feels uneasy with the idea of travelling to Borno despite all the training.

When the forces pressed him further to divulge who would travel to the region despite his refusal, he responded that it was none of his concern.

lulusmooth; You made a Good decision your life is very important but I thought you promised to serve lives and properties.

kelseywealthy_; This is funny, abeg him no wan die

big_baba67; My brother run oooo è get why

futballpunter; Allow him go home jare, To serve Nigeria is not by force.

nenejones_esq; He doesn’t want to kill himself by himself.

domingo_loso; The guy for no even talk, em for codedly japa, silent AWOL.

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