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“How do I deal with this?” – Nina Ivy sobs as her two-year-old son bullies and pulls a girl’s hair at school, then shares the report she received from the teacher

Nina Chinonso Onyenobi, popularly known as Nina Ivy, a Nigerian reality star based in the United States, has expressed her outrage after her 2-year-old son, Denzel, bullied a classmate.

She revealed this in an Instagram post, stating that her son went to school for the first time and became a bully.

She shared a screenshot of report that was handed to her by Denzel’s teacher who narrated how the incident occured.

The teacher wrote that he had pulled a female classmate’s hair and caused her to fall to the ground.

Nina also shared a video showing how she cautioned her son for his actions.

The young mum cried out to mothers online to advise her on how to handle the situation and prevent reoccurrences.

Reacting to this, @akanke_fikayomi wrote:

“A video of this shouldn’t be online. This isn’t how to talk to him, he’s holding a remote, you’re distracting him from whatever he’s watching, then you’re making a video. This is clearly not how you can get through to him. Omo. Na was.”

@Maysdessertsng wrote: “She clearly isn’t getting through to that child, she needs to put the phone down, get him sit, face him and have a proper conversation with him.”

View the video below

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