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“I pity the people they are using as rebound”-Reactions as Korra Obidi’s ex reveals the new lady in his life

Justin Dean, Korra Obidi’s estranged foreign husband, has revealed the new lady in his life following his dramatic divorce from his wife.

The stormy divorce of Korra Obidi and Justin Dean aroused fury on the internet after the latter accused his wife of adultery, among other things.

According to GISTLOVER, despite their six-year marriage, the couple filed a number of complaints against each other.

Remember when Justin Dean announced his divorce on social media, citing his wife’s adultery and lack of accountability?

Despite Korra Obidi’s carelessness, Justin said he was attempting to save their marriage.

Moving on, a new internet video shows Korra Obidi’s husband showing his most recent catch.

Justin Dean shared a video of himself and Nigerian girl Tokunbo Daniel on a date night. The father of two claimed he went on a date night with his fiancée and used love emoticons to express his feelings. He shared it on Instagram’s story.

People were impressed by the lady’s beauty, while others claimed Justin is lured to trouble.

kindnessnduba: The man and his wife are still in love; I’m sad for the folks they’re employing as a restraining force.

He should not produce any silly Live videos to rant about later, mercy joyce.

Urhobo city_: This one found wetin to end his life.

Manuel Emperor is a Justin Dean admirer. Baba has progressed.

cynisure xixi: At the moment, this girl was one of those that forced Korra to leave the man.

iammichaelodeh: She’s ok oo

sonehio: Happiness is the cornerstone to a successful relationship. She has a good appearance. They have my best wishes.

According to Thelma Adabekee, his affinity for chocolate

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