A popular singer, Burna Boy has addressed Nigerians who are criticizing him for participating in the electoral process.

It will be remembered that the ‘Last Last’ hitmaker explained why he remained silent throughout the election despite his politically charged songs.

Despite the ongoing backlash, the musician felt compelled to address the issue once more.

Burna Boy stated on his Instagram page that he has never received money or other tangible gifts from any government.

He stated that everything he has done for his country has always come from a place of love.

He claims he owes no one anything and that he did not vote in the election and that people should leave him alone.

In his words:

“I’ve never made money from any Nigerian government and I never took any house,land or money from any governor. I’ve never been appointed into any public office and I never intended to be. All the good I do for my country comes from my heart, pockets, Time and emotions.it’s not for social media validation and it’s definitely not because I owe anybody. I say I nor Vote. Make everybody getat.”

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