A fantastic vocalist from Tanzania, Ibraah releases his first song of the year, “Nimepona,” as a new single.
Ibraah gives us a heartbreaking story in this song using the Swahili word Nimepona, which in English means (I Have Recovered).

It concerns a person who he used to genuinely adore but who has since left. The song is about his struggle with grief and the trying period he went through as a result of the hurt of love.

This recently released gem, however, serves as a follow-up to his previous hit, “Tunapendeza,” which also features his label boss, Harmonize.

The vocalist creates a sound that has been referred to as a good change by fusing the dynamic tempo and passion of highlife with the percussion and electronic vibrations of electronic dance music.

The song is about the big-boy lifestyle, with the key themes of celebrity, cruise, and flex.

You wouldn’t want to ignore this, either, as it’s a fantastic blockbuster single.

He eventually came to terms with the truth that the person he had loved had passed away. He recovered and found peace with the circumstance.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Nmejiuguza na nimepona
Mmh wewe
Nimejiuguza na nimepona
Mi mzima wa afya
Nimejiuguza na nimepona
Yanilitesa ila sijafaa
Nimejiuguza na nimeponaa
Uuh yeeeeh uuuuuh!