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Yul Edochie, a well-known Nigerian actor, claims to be the country’s sexiest man.

He stated this on his Instagram site, where he shared a photo of himself with the caption, ‘Sexiest man in Nigeria.’

Several people replied on the message, as is common; some of his supporters agreed with him, while others maintained that there are prettier men than him.

Yul Edochie previously encouraged boys to avoid his 17-year-old daughter Danielle, according to Gistlover.

Yul, who recently married his coworker Judy Austin for the second time, took to Instagram to congratulate his first and only child.

“Omo depart am, I have nice children,” he wrote. @danielleyuledochie, my 17-year-old daughter, is now enrolled in the University’s 200-level program. Intelligence and beauty.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE: Boys in my neighborhood claim you discovered her oo.


In the comments section, some of his Nollywood colleagues complimented the happy father for safeguarding his daughter.

May Edochie, the first wife of actor YulEdochie, has already been hailed on social media for her outstanding work on her adorable daughter Danielle.

The beautiful mother and daughter were recently spotted at an event, giving fans mother and daughter goals.

May’s fans and celebrities in general have reacted favorably.

“You are blessed,” Joyce Kalu replied.

Uche Elendu brought up shoes. I adoree

According to Victoria Inyama, the major focus of a good parent is the child. You’re an excellent mother. Your mere being in her presence is all the security she needs. Continue to climb. Ezigbo, nnem

Chizzy Alichi commented: Cutest.

Mama raised a Queen, wrote Anita Joseph.

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