In Sokoto state, a Nigerian Army soldier committed suicide after killing a commander and shooting two others.

According to dailyNigerian, the incident occurred in the state over the weekend.

Lance corporal Chinansa Nwobodo was identified as the suspected trigger-happy soldier. He allegedly assassinated Lt. Sam Oladapo, Commander of the Forward Operating Base, FOB, Rabah in Sokoto State.

Sgt. Iliyasu Inusa, FOB Rabah Command Sergeant Major (CSM), and another private soldier, Attahiru Mohammed, were also shot by Chinoso.

Mr. Chinoso committed suicide by opening fire on himself after gunning down his army colleagues.

“The soldier who killed his FOB Commander at Rabah, and two other colleagues of his, may perhaps be battling operational and psychological stress”.

“It’s quite common among military personnel. But that is no excuse for any of our soldiers to go rogue. Definitely, necessary action will be taken to forestall a recurrence”. According to a senior military officer.