Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, a Nigerian singer, is constantly in the press for some controversy or another.

He recently went shopping at a store and told customers to choose whatever they wanted.

Dem don rip me - Portable laments in supermarket as he regrets offering to pay for everyone (Watch video) - portable

Out of excitement, everyone began choosing non-essential goods like toys, teddy bears, and cosmetics, among others.

The employees began calculating everything as soon as they handed over what they had taken at the counter.

However, when Portable turned to the computer and saw how much had been calculated up to that point, he broke out in tears. He initially claimed that they were trying to scam him off before concluding that he had been duped.

Watch the video below:

A Caucasian man has however turned to social media to explain how he conned those who attempted to con him.

The young man described how he was able to cheat a number of online scammers and earn more than $20,000.

The expert claims that he discovered the con artists through their online investment videos, in which they disclosed WhatsApp numbers for gullible victims.

He then got in touch with them, expressed interest in investing $20,000, and asked each of them how much profit they could promise.