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Jon Bellion – I Feel It ft. Burna Boy
Jon Bellion – I Feel It ft. Burna Boy

The latest single “I Feel It” by American rapper Jon Bellion includes Burna Boy, a GRAMMY Award winner from Nigeria.

For the first time ever on a single album, Jon Bellion and Burna Boy collaborate on the song “I Feel It,” which was produced by BJ Burton and The Diner.

following the publication of the song’s cover on Twitter a few days ago. The collaboration between Jon Bellion and Burna Boy has been eagerly anticipated by fans.

The performer creates a sound akin to a breath of fresh air by fusing the dynamic rhythm and intensity of Afrobeats with the percussive and electronic vibes of Electronic Dance Music.

Additionally, this is a fantastic smash single that you wouldn’t want to ignore at all.

Quotable Lyrics;

I feel it
You ain’t got to say one word to me
One word, because I feel it
I feel it
I f-f-f-f-feel it

I feel it in your energy
When did my close friend just become an enemy?
Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh

I feel it
I feel the heavy all around
If you feel it right there, maybe you should air that out
Oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh

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