Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba has remained staunch in his desire to wed an Israeli virgin.

Recall how Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, the head of Omega Power Ministries, OPM, granted the homeless actor accommodation while paying for his food expenses.

"I'm not an Igbo man, not a Nigerian, I'm from Israel" - Kenneth Aguba elaborates on why he's bent on marrying an Israeli virgin (Video)

Finding a wife for Aguba was stated by Apostle Chibuzor, and when one was found, he rejected her, saying that he wants a virgin from Israel—a statement that generated a lot of discussion on social media for days.

However, Aguba revealed another another surprise regarding his ancestry in a recent interview with Lucky Udu.

When asked if he wanted to be married, he said that he did, but that it shouldn’t happen right away.

He then gave a favorable response when the interviewer asked if he had a specific woman in mind, implying that he has a girlfriend in Israel.

He is neither Igbo nor Nigerian, the cinema veteran claims.