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“Living with Sickle Cell Disease is Not a Normal Life” Adekunle Gold Discusses His Sickle Cell Anaemia Battle

Adekunle Gold, a Nigerian musician, has revealed an emotional and surprising fact about his health issues as a child.

He revealed in a lengthy letter to his supporters that he suffered with his health as a child because he was born with sickle cell anemia.

He claims that

“It is freeing to be able to finally share this portion of my life with you, to finally speak my truth.”

When I talk about how I struggled to get to where I am now, I want you to understand that my suffering was genuine.

I was born with the sickle cell trait. It was physical, mental, financial, you name it, and I was in it.

It was difficult, uncomfortable, and infuriating. I grew up with an illness that no one understood, and I was restricted throughout my youth. I was unable to participate in some of the most minor child play and liberating activities, such as going outside in the rain.

When I pushed and rebelled against my parents’ orders and went out in the rain, I would have a problem.

The nights were agonizing and lonely, and no one could help me get through them. It was just me, God, and my thoughts. The aches and shivering were excruciating.

They always came at night, when my family had no method of getting me to the hospital. We couldn’t afford the regular hospital costs, so I had no choice but to go through the agony.

My mother wanted me to be well, so she did everything she could. She took me to every church she could find, and I’m grateful to her for seeing a future for me.

A future in which no illness or disease could prevent me from fulfilling my destiny. From the life, I was born into.

Sickle cell illness robbed me of my independence and youth. I’d lost a lot of pals. Some didn’t understand the limitations and guidelines I had to follow, while others simply didn’t want to deal with my illness or mistook it for a horrible or dangerous sickness that they may catch.

For some, I was a burden. Living with sickle cell disease is anything from typical. At the age of 20, I experienced one of the most intense crises, and I recall lying in my bed in the middle of the night, praying for an end to it all.

I begged God to terminate my life because I couldn’t fathom what I had done to deserve the agony my body and mind were experiencing.

After a few days, as is customary with sickle crises, the anguish subsided, and God said, “Do you still want that end you begged me for?” Of course, I said no, and it was the beginning of the end for me.

That’s when I realized I’d been given another chance to live my dreams and prove to those who derided me that sickle cell anemia would never kill me, that it would never keep me from pursuing my goals.

My body gives in now and then, and some symptoms return, but this condition has taught me resilience. Sickle cell anemia gave me hope, toughness, and the discipline I needed to be who I am today and shaped my character.

I mean, I went through 5 weeks of back-to-back performances without getting sick. Grace.

My mind and body were tested, and I am now stronger, more motivated, and ready to face the world. I’m ready for Adekunle Gold Supremacy; I’m ready to live and enjoy the 5 Star life that my body has worked for.

I’m sharing my story with you in the hopes that it will give you strength. Some illnesses slow us down, but I’m glad this one hasn’t. I want you to know that there is hope no matter what you’re going through. You are brave and must not give up. YOU ARE CAPABLE!

Victory awaits you at the end, just like it did for me. If you know somebody who is going through a physical, health or mental challenge. Be compassionate and caring.

In fact, be kind to everyone since you never know what they’re going through secretly. Be encouraging, gentle, and unconditionally loving. If you are a sickler, understand that your illness does not define you.

Don’t let it limit your dreams or limit your possibilities. Dream big and spread your wings! “I hope to see you soaring into the wide skies.” He stated.

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