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Martin Sampa, a Zambian man, is said to have collapsed after discovering that his wife is his landlord.

According to local news reports, Stampa has lived in the house for 15 years and has been making monthly payments of 3500 kwacha (N90,000).

It was also revealed that his wife was the one who always delivered his “landlord’s” rent.

However, a fight broke out when the spouse, Lushomo, discovered that her husband was having an extramarital affair.

Martin, according to sources, admitted to his wife that he has a side chick so that he can have intelligent conversations with her.

This irritated Lushomo, who decided to spill the beans and accuse Martin of being a moron for paying her rent while living in her house.

He passed out when he saw the house’s title deeds.

Residents tried to wake him up by pouring buckets of water on him.

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