RB Leipzig and Manchester City both had strong offensive lineups as the game began.

A corner is won by De Bruyne down the left. Greasily takes and strikes the ball far. At the far post, Dias rises and drives a header through the upright. Throughout the line, the ball wobbles. When attempting to hook clear, Haidara only succeeds in getting the ball into Haaland’s shin, where it whistles in from a few yards out.

Even though some of those offside judgments may have been favorable, Manchester City’s offside trap is performing admirably tonight.

Pep Guardiola is at his most excited when City force Leipzig into a mistake or hold the line until the flag goes up, cheering the defense and urging them to refocus.

Man City has performed just as well in the first half as they did in Leipzig, scoring many goals this time. During halftime, Guardiola will undoubtedly give his players the same advice: get ready for a stronger opponent in the second half. City has a helpful two goal lead this time.

Gundogan receives the free kick from De Bruyne in the box and cleverly threads it through before firing across the goal.