Real Betis and Manchester United both had strong offensive lineups as the game began.

Bravo, who lunged to clear a little backpass with his feet while being in the penalty area, was brought down by Fernandes, who received a booking.

Bruno Fernandes might have easily been dismissed for that after going over the ball and striking Bravo in the shin.

He was highly criticized for his performance at Anfield, but he handled the criticism nicely tonight.

He’s been outstanding and among the best on the field.

Man United is still looking for a goal despite having complete control of the game.

This time, Casemiro tries his luck following some clever play by Sancho, but the Brazilian’s shot misses the target by a significant margin.

Sancho successfully defends the ball in the Betis area before eventually passing it to Fred, whose feeble low shot Bravo easily stops.

With a header at the front post, Fernandes brings the total to three.