Blessing Okoro, a Nigerian relationship expert, has questioned married women about the frequency with which they engage in extra-marital affairs.

She stated that it is becoming alarming how they are cheating on their spouses, and the men are catching on.

Men, according to Blessing, have begun to perform DNA tests on their children without informing their wives because they do not trust them.

Married women are cheating too much - Blessing Okoro expresses utmost shock (Video) - blessing okoro

She has asked women in this group to explain what is going on because she is concerned about how many of them are cheating on their partners.

According to the marital counselor, the situation has deteriorated to the point where married women are more promiscuous than single women.

The blessing went on to say that many men are aware that their wives are unfaithful and are simply waiting for the opportunity to catch them red-handed with their younger lovers.

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Meanwhile, a Nigerian man has described how he discovered his fiancée was having an affair with a friend he had permitted to live with him.

The man who resides with his babe stated that a friend paid him a visit in Lagos and he agreed to house him in his two-bedroom apartment.

Their wedding is scheduled for August of this year, according to the heartbroken man.

He claimed that things had been going well for six months, but the situation changed when his company sent him to Cameroon on a business trip and he left his fiancee in the same home with a friend.

When he returned, he attempted to retrieve a number from his buddy’s phone, and that’s when he noticed a WhatsApp message from his friend.