As she concludes her experience as a scam, a Nigerian student pursuing her Masters degree in the United Kingdom laments the high cost of living.

"Masters in the UK is the highest scam of all" — Nigerian student breaks down expenses (Video)

A viral video depicted the plight of a Nigerian student in the United Kingdom and his struggles to make ends meet.

The lady who works 20 hours per week and earns £1020 per month broke down her expenses, which are insufficient to meet basic needs.

Here’s her breakdown;

Rent – £775
Phone bill – £25
Water – £30
Electricity – £120
Broadband – £25
Netflix – £7
Apple Pay – £2.29
Food – £150
Bus Fare – £40

She, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that getting a Masters degree in the UK is a scam.

Her claim elicited mixed reactions from netizens, with some condemning her for exaggerating the cost of living and others advising her to cut back on her spending.

“Stop depressing people. Despite being one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, the highest price I’ve seen in Sheffield is £600 for a student house with bills included. “Una go just come online dey lie give people,” a social media user responded.

Another user added, “Why will you be living in a house of £775 without bills included?… ( you won’t pay any bills)why will you be using £25 for phone bill when you can get a contract sim of £12 and your house go get broadband?… why can’t you use naija Netflix account 4500?…. Na you Dey live big man life ..”

Watch the video below …