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May Edochie responds to the female pastor’s statement that Yul Edochie will one day ask for her forgiveness

Yul Edochie’s first wife, May Edochie, allegedly responded to an anxious admirer who appeared to prophesy a better future for her marriage.

In the comments section of a post by May Edochie, a female preacher identified herself as Pastor Fortunata from Tanzania and expressed hope.

The woman whose username is @fortunataandengenye asserts that Yul Edochie will undoubtedly go back to where he came from and ask May for forgiveness at some point in the future.

She penned:

“From what I’ve heard, your husband will eventually approach you and plead for help. Evangelist Fortunata. by way of Tanzania

May Edochie respond to the lady’s statement by thanking her for the prayers.

She wrote, “Thank you for your prayers.

Remember that Yul Edochie is still under criticism for taking Judy Austin Muoghalu as a second wife. Some others think that his choice was wholly incorrect.

Before Yul Edochie married Judy, who is also an actor, he already had four children with May.

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