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Mr Macaroni eventually ‘handles’ Kate Henshaw and gets a scorching peck in this beautiful video

Wishes do come true, as Mr. Macaroni, a witty sketch producer, has been attempting to get hold of renowned actress Kate Henshaw.

Months after it was revealed that the comedian had made teasing Twitter passes at Henshaw, he finally got to spend time with her.

Macaroni was reportedly among friends and industry colleagues who were invited to Kate Henshaw’s 51st birthday party.

An ecstatic Macaroni posted a video on Twitter of himself pumping up the birthday girl as she danced to Asake’s PBUY song.

In another part of the film, Henshaw moves closer to the comedian and gives him a deep peck on the neck.

“Come Macaroni, why you dey lick lips, this is a safe area,” @ AsiwajuLerry remarked. *

“This hug lasted longer than my last relationship,” @Cecybeke stated.

“I’m pretty sure if she wasn’t much older than him, Mr Macaroni would have Mary this gorgeous woman but too big gap since it indicates he really loves her to be serious,” @Ishola07352958 remarked.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here,” @soccerMASTER0 stated. Please don’t think what I’m thinking.

“Omoh ur hook grab large shark ooh one day soon we go see every every for gistlover,” said @xavier oreva.

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