According to a life counselor and blogger from Nigeria, society instills in men a sense of guilt or fear around using their woman’s money.

She claimed that it is now accepted practice for a guy in need to express reluctance when accepting money from his partner.

She claims that most men always consider returning any additional gifts their partners provided them, even though this shouldn’t be the case.

She wrote; “I hate that men are too scared to spend their women’s money or even accept any form of financial help without immediately planning on how to return the money or its equivalent how did we even get here, how did we disrespect these men and make them so insecure?”

Reacting, @Austeiin said; Based on the engagement I’ve had with some dudes, most of these ladies end up using that moment of assistance to mock them or shade them later in the future & not many dudes have the strength to come back after their egos have been bruised. Thank for mine sha 🙏

@unclebobbybob; Davido’s cousin, nephew of Osun state’s governor, and son of a billionaire had issues with his wife. She came online to “tarnish” him that he asked her for 10k. She even dropped receipts. If your own wife that you have spent millions on can do that every man should be careful