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“No Content, All They Do Is Talk About Level 2 HM’s, ”- Sammie Reveals Favourite BBNaija Season 7 Housemates

Sammie, a reality television personality, recently shared his thoughts on BBNaija’s seventh season. He claims that Level 1 housemates are uninteresting and frequently brings up Level 2 housemates.

His message is as follows:

“However, level 1 won their wager; what now?” Are they willing to spend the entire week discussing level 2? Who is trying to persuade them that they are better than level 2 hms? I don’t even know what their names are, so they’re both amusing and obnoxious.

Sammie was humiliated for voicing his opinion. He tweeted again:

After blocking about 100 people today, dear me gan, it’s time to separate the trustworthy from the toxic. Avoid unpleasant sight and sound! People will use their fingertips to condemn themselves because of stanship!
Then you kneel and pray to God for success?

Have you ever thought about how much money we could make just by tweeting? Or do you think we shouldn’t be allowed to watch the show we were watching? or the ability to speak up? You can’t possibly be this illiterate! Common sense is absolutely necessary. Make one!

As a result, I strongly support Groovy, Beauty, Bryann, Ilebaye, and Khalid. Please allow me to support them because I was familiar with them prior to the show!

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