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Nollywood actress Chioma Ifemeludike has continued to back Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress.

Sowore, a popular actor who recently lost his grandmother, will become president of Nigeria in 2022.

Ifemeludike, who has always backed the Sowere brand, also revealed on her Instagram page that she will be travelling to her principal’s village for the burial.

At this time of conflicting emotions, life celebrations, and pain, she wrote, “I SHOULD BE AT ESE-ODO LOCAL GOVERNMENT WITH OUR COMING PRESIDENT @YELESHO AND COMRADES. I suppose that everything under the sun has its own time. AN ENTRY PERIOD AND AN EXIT PERIOD! EVERY HUMAN SHOULD BE AWARE OF THESE TWO ESSENTIAL MOMENTS, OUR DAILY LIVING AND ACTIVITIES MUST BE GOVERNED BY AND AFFECTED BY THIS REALIZATION. A LIONESS IS A LION’S GRANDMOTHER! MAMA Your son, who has only been a blessing and gift to humanity, is still here to carry out his destiny and fulfil his purpose even if you have retired from your position of authority. Mama Moyinoluwa Olawoye, please take comfort in knowing that you are loved. May God grant you eternal peace.

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