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Peter Obi is a part of the outdated system, so I don’t see him as a threat in 2023. Obiyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate for the African Action Congress (AAC), has denied that Peter Obi, the candidate for the Labour Party (LP), poses a threat.
According to Naija News, Sowore claimed in an interview with Channels TV on Friday that the former governor of Anambra was a component of the outdated system that had hampered the country’s progress.

Sowore claims that the “Obedient” movement is a rerun of the 1999 movement, in which some young people genuinely wanted a change and a new course for government.

He pointed out that Obi is not his kind of progressive and added that the LP candidate failed to build industries, schools, and power plants while he was governor.

In his words: “No, I don’t see Peter Obi as a threat, why would I see Peter Obi as a threat? Peter Obi is part of the old system that I’ve always fought. I understand where he is coming from. It is 1999 repeated, Nigeria wants to change, and some young people are genuinely interested in change, a different direction. And then they are presented with somebody who worked for the establishment; somebody who has been in PDP, APGA, come back to PDP, Labour Party.

“He’s not new to the rotten system. Somebody who was eight years as Governor of a state. We can be emotional about it but that’s the truth. He didn’t build any schools, he didn’t build any industry, he didn’t have a power station. He’s not my kind of progressive.”

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