A married woman recently attacked her husband’s side chick after capturing her at their matrimonial house.

In the footage, the enraged wife assaulted her husband’s side chick and repeatedly attempted to force her to jump from a story building.

The side chick was dressed in a towel and hung from the balcony, begging for her life.

“Please pardon me; this is my first time,” she pleaded.

Reacting to the video, @mansee29patel said: “To all the fellas saying it’s his fault and not hers. You are wrong. She is equally responsible. Sleeping with someone you know is committed is wrong. Find the way his gf or wife is reacting that’s justified. That’s how some human respond when they fuckin get hurt okay. All are not saints like you guys.”

@ms_jada84 wrote: “Give that same energy to your cheating man.”

@tony.matthew1 commented: “Women are confused when they get angry… attack the source not the leaves.”

@bridgeteko reacted: “Easy peazy! She can’t match the man’s strength so it’s easier to take out the initial aggression on the girl first The man’s own ‘punishment is an entirely different strategy.”

@lOyal_guy wrote: “Did i just heard it’s first time?”

@Isen2win said: “Stop attacking the woman it’s him who you “~should act dumb chicks.”

Watch the video below: