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Popcaan – Cocaine Money
Popcaan – Cocaine Money

Popcaan, a brilliant musician from Jamaica, recently recorded a song called “Cocaine Money.”

This time, Popcaan departs from his usual Dance-Hall/Reggae music style and releases this exquisitely composed Caribbean-genre piece of music.

Additionally, this gets Popcaan ready in advance of the impending announcement of his studio project.

Additionally, Popcaan’s label, Unruly Entertainment, is credited with producing the song “Cocaine Money” that was recorded.

The singer creates a sound that has been described as a refreshing change by fusing the highlife’s dynamic speed and intensity with the electronic dance music’s percussive and electronic vibrations.

This is also a tremendous smash single that you wouldn’t want to overlook.

Additionally, the likelihood is high that you already own the most recent wild hit song if you appreciate music.

Quotable Lyrics;

We say rich, we born fi make money
Dem feel like say a cocaine money
Sharon just call the jet, mi plane money (woii oii)
Yeah (woii)

I’m so rich, dem feel seh a cocaine money
Yeah, cocaine money
Yeah, cocaine money
200 karat ’round mi neck, it so heavy
Yeah, cocaine money
Yeah, cocaine money
Mi haters feel seh a cocaine money
Jcf feel seh a cocaine money
Yeah, cocaine money
Yeah, cocaine money
Mhm, me too rich, ah-ha, cocaine money

Thirty million one day, shame mi haters dem
Make dem feel one way
Dem a wonder if me chop e line whole day

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