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A Nigerian street-pop musician, Portable has announced the signing of a new artist to his record company, Zeh Nation.
Fans suspected Portable was up to no good when he allegedly purchased new studio equipment. They recognized he was serious when he introduced the world to his new artist, Yung Duu.

The Zazuu singer was spotted dancing to Yung Duu’s song in an Instagram video. The new artist also took advantage of the occasion to showcase his talent by releasing a freestyle.

Furthermore, the artist known as Yung Duu is a street-pop singer whom Portable plans to mentor and project to the music industry.

However, this news comes just a few days after Portable was seen on tape punching Manny monie, an artist on his label.

Since then, portable has dominated trends for good reasons. He was awarded a chieftaincy title by his Ogun State community, and he has traveled around Africa and Europe.

Yet another noteworthy development in his career is his choice to sign a new musician to Zeh Nation.


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