A lovely young lady has spoken out about going to a native doctor to be treated for an unknown attack by demonic forces.

She stated that she had returned from her hometown in Anambra state, and that traditionalists had informed her that her body was filled with pins sent by her village people.

She documented her visit to the shrine where the cleaning ritual took place and displayed the spiritual pins that, after being removed from her body, transformed into actual objects.

Pretty lady visits traditionalist to remove 'spiritual pins' sent to her body by village people - lady pins village native

In a viral video, she explained that the attack could kill her if it is misidentified as a medical emergency and can only be treated by a native doctor.

She also stated that she was warned not to visit a hospital because an injection would result in her death if the pins were still in her body.

When the procedure was completed, she displayed the five pins that were removed from various parts of her body.

Watch the clip below: