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Rema is allegedly the most hazardous performance because he engages in black magic and is a sorcerer, according to a man in the US

A Nigerian man who calls himself an expert in spiritualism and lives in the US asserts that Rema, a young musician, uses black magic to succeed in the music business.

He asserted that Rema was the riskiest artist in Nigeria’s entertainment industry and declared his interest in sorcery.

He asserts that Rema’s usage of black magic is demonstrated by the image on the Rave & Rose album cover, which depicts an upside-down church that has been set on fire.

A few unsettling images of Rema holding a skeleton were also investigated by the man, who claimed to be an excellent archeologist, and it was determined that they had demonic implications.

He continued, “It’s not accidental; he doesn’t just suddenly have a fixation on skeletons.

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