A stage name for Divine Ikubor, Rema a Nigerian singer, has expressed gratitude to a group of Iranian females who have publicly professed their love for his song.

The five young women gained notoriety after a video of them swaying to Selena Gomez’s remix of the song “Calm Down” went viral.

Rema sends strong message to Iranian girls arrested for dancing to his song - rema 1

According to Iranian laws, women are banned from dancing in public so the friends did the video as part of an activist movement fighting for women’s rights.

A report by Iran International news read; “This video of Iranian girls in Tehran’s Ekbatan neighborhood dancing unveiled to the song Calm Down by Rema and Selena Gomez has gone viral. Women are banned from dancing in public in Iran.”

The girls were reported to have been arrested and detained for two days by the authorities and forced to apologize.

Iranian activist, Shahrak Ekbatan speaking on the incident, said; “These girls were under arrest by the #IRGCterrorists for almost two days where they were emotionally abused and a forced confession was taken from them, apologizing for dancing in public.”

In reaction to the viral video, Rema sent a special shout out to the girls and others in similar situation who are fighting for a better country, saying that he is inspired by their action.

He wrote; “To all the beautiful women who are fighting for a better world, I’m inspired by you, I sing for you and I dream with you. ✊🏿🤍🇮🇷”