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“She refused to marry me after consuming my money,” says a Chinese man, explaining why he murdered his 23-year-old Nigerian lover

Geng Quangrong, a 47-year-old Chinese man, has confessed why he murdered his 23-year-old lover in Kano state.

Geng admitted to stabbing his lover, Ummu Kulthum, in Kano State’s Kabuga Quarters, Dorayi Babba region.

The suspect stated he committed the sad crime on his 23-year-old girlfriend in her house on Friday night, September 16, because she deceived him.

According to the command’s spokesperson, Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, the suspect committed the crime after climbing the fence of the deceased’s house to obtain entrance, where he [email protected] her many times till she [email protected] up the ghost.

Geng said that Ummu pledged to marry him but then broke her word after he had spent so much money on her.

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