“Ndoni Ya Manzi” is a song written by Slade and Nkosazana Daughter and performed by Tycoon, Khanyisa, and Marcus MC. The song was released in 2023 and quickly became a hit in the South African music scene.

“Ndoni Ya Manzi” is a high-energy track that combines Gqom and afro-house sounds, with Slade and Nkosazana Daughter’s production style adding a distinct flavor to the overall sound. The instrumental elements of the song are layered with rhythmic percussions and catchy melodies to create a vibrant and infectious soundscape.

The vocals on “Ndoni Ya Manzi” are delivered with passion and power, with Tycoon, Khanyisa, and Marcus MC adding depth and emotion to the song. The lyrics discuss love, perseverance, and the beauty of life.

“Ndoni Ya Manzi’s” production is dynamic and fast-paced, with a mix of electronic and organic elements that give the song a lively and energetic vibe. The song’s instrumental build-up and breakdown sections keep listeners engaged and dancing throughout.

Overall, “Ndoni Ya Manzi” stands out in the South African music scene, demonstrating Slade and Nkosazana Daughter’s ability to make music that is both catchy and emotionally resonant. The infectious beat, passionate vocals, and dynamic production of the song make it a must-listen for fans of Gqom and afro-house music.

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