Spyro, a rising Nigerian singer, has disclosed that he has grown fond of melodious singer Tiwa Savage since they met.

The singer included her in the remix to his hit song “Who’s Your Guy,” which was released last week.

I'm falling for Tiwa Savage - Singer Spyro opens up - spyro

According to Spyro, he frequently calls her and is considering stopping because the more he does so, the more he feels for her.

The singer stated that Tiwa Savage is an incredible soul, and he is pleased that he chose her to be on the remix of his song.

He wrote; “Yo guys, TIWA is such an amazing soul. Super Glad I chose her for my remix

I actually think I need to stop talking to her on phone the more we talk the more I fall for her MY GUYEST GUY IS TIWA.”

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In other developments, a Nigerian woman has revealed that she is three months pregnant with her sister’s husband and is eagerly awaiting the birth.

She, on the other hand, claimed that when she became pregnant with Mike, he was still her lover and had not yet married her sister.

The lady, who shared her tale on social media, stated that they had a minor misunderstanding and that he was not answering her calls at the time.

According to the woman, she begged her sister to speak with Mike on her behalf, so she went to see him.

When her sister returned, she told her to forget about him because he was disrespectful. The man finally requested a breakup, only for his ex to discover later that her sister was marrying the same Mike.